The Promise

Our membranes are developed by a team of industry leading experts with decades of proven experience and success in the membrane industry. We offer a variety of Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration (NF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Hollow-Fiber membranes that produce high flux at low pressures for household & industrial scale products. Applications include municipal water and wastewater treatment, industrial biotechnology, and food and beverage production.

Every Water aims to deliver:

1.Worlds first ever intrinsically antimicrobial membranes that are biofouling resistant hence are failsafe

2.Enhanced and more stable Flux

3.Superior performance and fiber strength

4.Superior rated life

5.Highest rejection and removal rates

6.Low-pressure requirement

7.Cost-effectivenessis guaranteed

We believe in providing the most environmentally friendly solution to water purification while delivering competitive products of the highest quality and standard. Our energy efficient process not only results in higher quality permeate stream than traditional methods, we also guarantee an automatic, simple, and safe operation of our meticulously designed products.


Here we can use the testing results from BOM and enlist the performance parameters of our UF membrane.


We develop membranes that are optimized for your specific case. Our R&D team is capable of developing customized membranes and stress-testing them under real conditions to make sure that you get the best.


Membranes are highly prone to bacterial growth on the surface, especially in wastewater treatment. This results in reduced up-time, shorter life-span, and low flux. We have partnered up with the best in the industry to bring the ERM technology to life. With ERM technology, 99.99% of our membrane’s surface area is intrinsically anti-microbial– Hence, no biofilm is formed on the surface of the membrane.

This ground- breaking innovation has placed Every Water at the fore front of modern water filtration technology, and in a strong position to affect the technology at the heart of water purification systems worldwide.

Through our controlled pore size distribution, we are able to provide targeted removal of components in water unlike the conventional UF, NF, and RO grades of membranes.


For water that is biologically pure yet physically contaminated with sediments and soil, a cloth or Microfiltration (MF) may be enough. If you are dealing with bacterial and viral contamination as well, Ultrafiltration (UF) is required. For removal of smell, coloration and low quantities of salt (brackish water) and heavy metal contamination, Nanofiltration (NF) is necessary. If the water has a high salt content and metallic contamination, Reverse Osmosis (RO) is mandatory. This variation of water quality and removal capabilities of membranes is shown above.


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