Who We are?

Our team at Pak Vitae has pledged to solve water scarcity, water drinkability and sanitation problems of the developing world. We strive to provide safe and healthy water using our advanced innovative products based on leading polymeric technologies.

Because we believe in the impact!

We believe that innovative and sustainable technological interventions can solve the problems of the developing world and create a positive and sustainable impact on our society. Our pledge is to research, innovate, and design human-centric, cost-effective environment-friendly products that can alleviate the waterborne disease burden and save millions of lives around the globe.

Meet Our Team


Syed Javed
Syed JavedChief Executive Officer

Syed Javed director and CEO of PakVitae, is an experienced financial services industry professional and a technology enthusiast with multiple industry-first projects and solutions to his credit. Javed has a master’s degree in economics and has been associated with the travel & financial service, and banking industries internationally, for 40 years.
He currently chairs the board of directors of Pakistan Revenue Automation Ltd (a public sector company), is a trustee of the Karachi Port Trust. He also chairs the board of a private equity fund, with investments in digital payments, Future-oriented Logistics, and are the sponsors of PakVitae.
Javed developed an interest in providing clean drinking water to masses in 2010, and the journey continues with his mentoring the founders of PakVitae, from setting up of the company to securing patents, creating the brand, and helping it achieve market readiness


Shayan Sohail
Shayan SohailChief Technology Officer

Shayan is a hyperactive chemical engineer with fire in the gut to change perspectives and bring innovation.
He is extremely critical and sensitive to small inconsistencies which have helped him to feel the customer’s
pain points and design products around technologies to mitigate the incompatibilities. One of Shayan’s key
projects involves developing specialized Anti-microbial membranes elevating the future surge in water
filtration technology.
Shayan strongly believesthat there is no innovation and R&D without a deep sense of empathy. He is charged
to keep his passion ahead of the curve. Recently being featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia under the social
entrepreneur category. Besides, he has also won many national & international awards and had been working
in unison with the technology & product design to buck the innovations to a useful purpose.

USAMA TANVEERChief of Innovation

Usama is a Chemical engineer, water and social entrepreneur, an advocate of climate, and a devoted
volunteer for humanitarian causes. A passionate individual about the water scarcity and sustainability
problems in developing countries and has worked on multiple research projects to explore the applications
of water purification technologies for the developing world and has founded his water-technology start-up.
Being the Chief Innovation Officer he had led the research team PakVitae in Singapore and South Korea.
Usama has represented Pakistan through highly competitive international fellowships including Cordes
Fellowship, Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Scholarship, Fred. J. Hansen Fellowship, Global Young Water
Fellowship, and Global UGRAD Fellowship. Recently he has been awarded the Commonwealth Youth Award
2020 as a regional winner from the Asian continent and made it to the Forbes 30 under 30, class of 2020
under the social entrepreneur category.

Arslan Ahmad
Arslan Ahmad Chief Operational Officer

Arslan is a Tech-Enthusiast and an entrepreneur who aims to solve global issues like Climate change, Poverty,
Food shortage, Health Crisis, and availability of safe drinking water. He is very passionate about introducing
sustainable cutting-edge technologies to play his part in solving the aforementioned global issues. He worked
on nanofiltration membranes in his senior years as an undergrad student and was able to engineer a product
that has the potential of solving the drinking water crisis of his home country -Pakistan- and all over the
world. He accepted the challenge to change the lives of people by risking his professional career; co-founding
his first company named ‘PakVitae’ which is committed to commercializing this revolutionary product with
‘PakVitae’ a commercial entity and saving millions of lives. He looks forward to introducing and
commercializing a lot more sustainable technologies in the future which will potentially make this world a
better place to live in.

Technology Team

Dr. Neal Tai-Shung Chung
Dr. Neal Tai-Shung ChungConsultant

Dr. Chung is a world-renowned membrane scientist and innovator based in Singapore. After completing his Ph.D. in membrane science and technology from the State University of New York in 1981, Professor Chung focused on developing novel materials and membranes for water filtration and reverse osmosis. While teaching at the National University of Singapore, he led the R&D for Hyflux, a membrane technology startup at the time, and co-invented hollow fiber membrane-based ultrafiltration membranes which are now an industry standard. He went on to found and develop several startups in the same space including SEPPURE and Phaos Technology and is recognized as one of the most decorated pioneers of membrane technology in the world today with several awards including President Technology Award, Engineering Research Leadership Award, IChemE in Singapore Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Sustainable Technology and many others to his name.

Dr. Shi Gui Min
Dr. Shi Gui MinConsultant

He holds a Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Gui Min is known for his remarkable research on industrial membranes. Dr. Gui min greatest strengths lie in his prolific determination to which he upholds

3 US patents for developing novel membrane systems. His dexterities have majored in membrane development and separation processes. He always looks for a unique approach to deliver the work and finds how he can fascinate the R&D and process intensification to improve efficiency.

Dr. Jian Zou
Dr. Jian ZouConsultant

Dr. Zou did his engineering and later Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Zou has scopious experience in membrane science and technology -as his research spans dominantly on hollow fiber spinning, membrane fabrication, membrane distillation, pervaporation, ultrafiltration & nanofiltration. He carries robust proficiency and experience in organic separation, solvent recovery, wastewater treatment, desalination, and various separation processes and transport mechanisms which conclude him as a dexterous dual-layer membrane scientist.

Dr. Muhammad Haris
Dr. Muhammad Haris Chief Polymer Engineer

Dr. Haris Samiullah has a doctorate in Polymer Science from Martin Luther University Halle, Germany. He has been a part of various research projects funded by German industries and by DFG (German Science Foundation). He established his work not only by publishing it in reputable international journals but also furnished them at different conferences. He specializes in the synthesis and modification of polymers and their characterization which grants him to render the techniques that are practiced during the R&D of membrane technology.

He also holds an engineering degree and a relevant industrial experience in a reputable polymer processing unit in Karachi, Pakistan. This impelling drive shaped him, as he endeavors with the world’s eminent scientists in South Korea, Germany, Singapore, Nederland & Austria. At PakVitae, Dr. Haris rejoice a great deal to bring the sustainability of technologies and device them at commercial levels. Being the senior and more experienced team member Dr. Haris also convene the technology department.

Muhammad Anas Qureshi
Muhammad Anas QureshiChief Mechanical Engineer

Muhammad Anas Qureshi is a mechanical engineer from the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. With a peerless record, Anas is well equipped with the tools that thrive his abilities that impulse innovations to amplify. Currently, he leads the mechanical engineering department at PakVitae and scrutinizes things with his deep consistent approach, from designing, modeling, prototyping to conveying the market-ready products he carries excellent discernment in the field. The humbled nature man is also engaged in philanthropic work and had been invited to YouthAg Summit 2019 to share his solutions.

Abdaal Khalid
Abdaal KhalidChief Product Design Officer

Abdaal is an electrical engineer turned nuclear engineer with a mind that thrives at the nanoscale. He has a keen eye for the new product development—from ideation to commercialization—and that has been the defining feature of his endeavors in China to help bring startups to market. After a series of stints at microelectronics startups designing new products, Abdaal was struck by the membrane-based technology used in purifying water to treat the highly sensitive silicon wafers for optimum performance. This curiosity soon turned into passion once Abdaal realized the potential implications of this groundbreaking water purification technology for the millions of people suffering from the acute water crisis in his home country, Pakistan.

Business & Management Team

Saad Bin Mujtaba
Saad Bin MujtabaChief Financial Officer

Saad is a chartered accountant with a master’s in economics. He started his career with one of the most
prestigious & largest professional accounting firms A.F. Ferguson also known internationally as PwC Pakistan,
later joined Naveena Groups as manager investment. Saad has performed multiple audits which also includes
auditing PIA & Pakistan Steel Mills. The course has brought him to PakVitae, where he serves as the Chief
Financial Officer with his enormous maturity in investment management and private equity funding he holds
ground as a mammoth in managing the company’s finances, including financial planning, management
of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting. He also unfolds ample experience of auditing and
accounting across a wide spectrum of industries including FMCG, services, and manufacturing.
Saad is a big-picture thinker with a stronghold in micro-management, outspoken, & prefer to delegate rather
than be hands-on. He emphasizes what gets done rather than how things are done and make collaborative
decisions which eventually deliver boom to the commitments.

Muhammad Hayyan Laraib
Muhammad Hayyan LaraibManager Operations

With a background in engineering from NEDUET, Karachi. Hayyan has put hisschooling in practice by bringing
hisingenious, and creative mindset to the cosmos of trailblazing water purification technologies. He has been
successful in the pursuit of cementing and aligning his technical attainments with the technological
breakthroughs at PakVitae. He also leads to institute the state-of-the-art water testing lab of PakVitae
and developed a comprehensive management plan intended for water quality and membrane longevity
guidance, with the cooperation of Arizona State University the lab would be the first of its kind in South Asia.
He’s an individual whose professional experience is varied, demonstrating his ability to tackle diverse
challenges head-on. The ability to self-learn and serve as an innovative change-maker whose core skills are
adaptability and efficiency, he enjoys stepping out of his comfort zone and taking up new challenges.

Nofal Khan
Nofal KhanDeputy Commercial Officer

Nofal Khan works as deputy manager operations in PakVitae. Academically, he is a nuclear engineer with a base in mechanical engineering. He spent 3 years in China building connections, learning the culture, and exploring the markets to help numerous start-ups find the right spot and partner inside and outside China. He always had a strong sense of social responsibility that led him to work on the membrane-based filter technology to provide a viable solution to the growing water crisis all over the globe. He is working towards connecting the biggest technological markets with the life-changing technologies of PakVitae. He is physically the largest member of the team so it is hard to miss him.

Hashir Javed
Hashir Javed Manager Community Projects

As a graduate of Chemical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Hashir brings his wealth of knowledge in process design and integration. He had worked on the ground with the communities in underdeveloped areas of Pakistan to cater, help, and solve their needs to access clean drinking water. Hashir is committed to the PakVitae approach of empowering local people and to back those in need. With PakVitae he has represented Pakistan in HULT Prize 2018, after winning Dubai Regionals, he was indulged in an accelerator program where he studied the business & administration curriculum delivered by global experts in Ashridge Executive Education – HULT International Business School and became a Member of Founder Circle. During the course, Hashir had been mentored by renowned business leaders around the globe including James Kraft (CEO, The Standing CT), Phillip Auersward (CEO, Zilla Global), Stephen Hodges (President Hult), Jarri Masood (Ex Country Manager 3M). The rigorous journey has coached Hashir to operate and develop new grounds.


Members of the Pak-Vitae Team are keen to achieve the target of providing safe and healthy water to 10 million people by the end of 2020. We are particularly careful in regards of the quality of our products and we guarantee to always provide you with the best. Our team pledges to put in their full efforts to implement:

  • 100% contamination free water

  • Efficient and affordable water filtration techniques

  • Long-lasting and cheap water purification products.