Bringing Clean Drinking Water to the kids of two primary schools in Haroonabad

Project Location

Project History 

About 50% students of these schools remain absent because of the waterborne diseases like diarrhea and cholera are very common in Haroonabad due to poor water infrastructure, which has become one of the leading cause of health-related problems, especially in the school going children. As a school teacher, I’ve seen a visible and positive change since the installation of community filters by PakVitae at our school, as now the kids have access to clean drinking water while attending the school.

Major Challenges

  • The supply of water, they primarily rely on three hand-operated wells and a borehole.
  • Underground water table is polluted with fecal contamination and is unfit for drinking purposes
  • Open defecation
  • Poor hygiene practices, filthy jerrycans and containers and dirty ambiance
  • Shallow depth the water from the wells carries a high amount of particulate matter
  • 90% of the settlement lack access to electricity
  • So, the wells and the borehole are operated mechanically
  • Leading to shortage in the supply of water to cater to needs of 5000 refugees
  • Water contaminated with bacteria and pathogens is causing water born illnesses such as Diarrhea, Cholera, Dysentery, and Typhoid
  • Due to the presence of particulate matter cases of kidney stones especially in the children of ages 1-12 have also been reported

Memories from Haroonabad Camp


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