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PakVitae has solved one of the core issues in our refugee settlement, the issue which has long plagued our community with conflict arising among people, lost productivity due to water-borne diseases and above all the deteriorating health of our children. Because of the construction of boreholes and distribution of filters now our families can have access to clean drinking water and water for domestic usage, which has now enabled us to send our kids to school and ensue their health.

Abdul-Ghani, Father of 4 and daily wage worker form Afghan Refugee settlement-Islamabad

Our kids, our women and all the people living in the village have never seen such as a cheap and efficient way of filtering the water to make it clean and drinkable. A single community filter placed in a village home can provide enough water for 10 people for a day. We are really thankful to PakVitae and Young Water Solutions for providing us this relief by reaching to us in such a remote and backward area. It has empowered us in many ways, and our whole community prays and wishes team PakVitae success and really hope that they reach more and more to provide them thirst relief.

Khalid Aslam , Community Leader from Faisalabad Village

Diarrhea and Cholera are very common in Haroonabad due to poor water infrastructure, which has become one of the leading cause of health-related problems, especially in the school going children. As a school teacher, I’ve seen a visible and positive change since the installation of community filters by PakVitae at our school, as now the kids have access to clean drinking water while attending the school.

Shahzeb Iqbal, School Teacher from Haroonabad

I am Joshy Mathew, A post graduate engineer and a leader of Nalla Ayalkaran Project of Jeevana Samridhi NGO.
During Kerala’s ever heard disaster Megaflood 2018 August many healing hands extended towards us. Pakvitae water filters send us 50 Nos of ultra water filters. It was a blessing to us while rehabilitating Kuttanad(Alappuzha District) peple and few land slided hill area in Calicut , Wayanade and Idukki districtsto meet their emergent requirement of pure drinking water.
We exactly surprised with the size and effectiveness of filter.We tested filtered and source water in many labs and the quality of filtered water was extremely good for drinking purpose even from highly contaminated source water.

Joshy Mathew, Community leader from Pallipuram Kerala
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Pak-Vitae aims at improving the clean water conditions of the third world countries  and contribute towards their bright future. Our team is working day and night to achieve its goal of making the world a healthier place to live in. To keep posted about our activities please visit our Blogs regularly.

Usama Tanveer represents PakVitae at University of San-Diego and wins 4500 (USD) in seed funding from the social innovation challenge.

December 22nd, 2018|

Usama Tanveer co-founder and chief technologist PakVitae, was selected as a Hansen Fellow to represent Pakistan at the University of San Diego (USD), where he teamed up with fellows fr [...]

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Pak-Vitae team vows to improve the sanitary conditions of the under developed countries and to provide them with quality products at affordable rates to ensure safe and healthy water. The work of Pak-Vitae has been certified by many of the recognized institutes and organizations.


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